May 30, 2012

Burger Boy Penanti at Bertam

Tell you what....this is the first time ever I tasted burgers filled with delicious Sambal Ikan Bilis... and of course, it tasted different but the sambal went well with either beef, chicken, daging arnab, daging unta and so on. I mean, it tasted great as one of the burger's filling.

Burger Boy Penanti was first started in 2008 in Penanti and was sooo famous during that time as famous as the General Election is. They even have their logo similar to 'Vote Me' logo... Errr...sorry. forget to capture its logo since I was sooo busy finishing my burgers. Next time, Okay.

Last night, my brother drove me to their second branch in Bertam, like....15 minutes from my parents house.  Yeayyy ! The biggest burger in town is in my hometown ! Well, yeah am 4 years outdated about the burger but still...perhaps I'm one of the first to update on the opening of the new branch. Wink ~

Well..let's stop talking and see what I ate last night.

The first one, a 3-tier burger ; mix of beef and chicken (or up to you)... named Komtar Burger. I took Komtar Burger with cheese and's seriously delicious ! The melt cheese with its good black pepper sauce and of course Sambal Ikan Bilis....................... (simply out of words here). This burger is good for one man who eat a lot or 2 people who simply love sharing. Hehehe.

The Komtar Burger
RM18 - RM28

Okay, now introducing the biggest burger in town - King Burger ! to describe?
Size : Big. Almost as big as the tray is. We divided it into 6 parts for 6 pax, and each of the slice is equal to a size of one normal burger. Big, huh?
Filling : We chose beef, basic and plain without any cheese. Its speciality is of course its sambal ikan bilis, the black pepper sauce, french fries and coleslaw.
Taste : Superb! The beef is good, the mix of its fillings are great !
It is surely worth trying, eating and paying. 

The King Burger

So, when you reach Penang...juz drive to Butterworth and look for this Burger Boy in Penanti or Bertam. Okay? 

Seriously, I got to go..Kinda busy with things....will update more on foodies in my hometown. Daaaaa...

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